Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Should Be the Purpose of School?

My friend Zac (and his friend Trevor) want to know: What Should Be the Purpose of School?
It started as a question in class. Listening to discussions of actions schools should and should not take, I started to want to know what ideas were inspiring what sounded to be firmly held beliefs in the role of school.

That got me thinking about what people outside our classroom believe should be the purpose of school. My suspicion is that these ideas are not as synchronous as we might believe them to be. I mentioned this to my friend Trevor. From there, the School Purpose Project was born.
So, you have four ways to thoughtfully respond (pick one, don't do all four). You can fill out this google form if you have a lot to say and want to type it, or if you prefer you can leave an audio message, send a text message, or upload a video.

They'll start working with the data right after Thanksgiving, so try to get your responses in before that. Please note that all answers will be made public. I can't wait to read/see/hear what you think.


  1. Hi Karl, your readers may also be interested in the (UK-based) Purpos/ed project: :-)

  2. I added my ideas to the Google Form. I was pondering this about a year ago while reading Seth Godin's book "linchpin." I wrote a (very) brief blog post summarize my ideas here: