Monday, October 10, 2011

This I Believe Goes Global: 2011 Edition

Anne Smith has a post up on her blog about this year's "This I Believe" project. Read her post for all the details, but here are the highlights:
  1. Once again Anne Smith and Maura Moritz will be having their students write their "This I Believe" essays, then record themselves reading them, and post both the essay and the podcast to the wiki.

  2. They are looking for classes who'd like to participate to team up with their classes. Those students would also write and record their own "This I Believe" essays, then the students would read, listen and provide constructive feedback to each other's essays. (Adults can participate, too.)

  3. In addition, we're happy to facilitate additional classes if there's enough interest - we'll try to match up classes based on class size, grade level, and approximate completion date.
There's much more detail on Anne's blog but, if you're interested, check out the wiki and then fill out the Google Form.


  1. Great work. I am teaching middle school math in New York City and might be interested in working on the project. I am wondering - how do they post the sound clips on the wiki?

  2. Salk Math Journal - Wikispaces allows you to upload an mp3 and it just embeds it. Or you can host the audio somewhere else and then embed the html code if you prefer.

  3. I love this assignment. I am and EDM 310 student and I like that students are being encouraged to globally express their true opinions and feelings. I feel like that is not encouraged in schools enough, and it is great to here that some educators still want to listen to the opinions of their students.