Thursday, August 04, 2011

Iowa, Did You Know?

Scott McLeod and XPLANE just released an Iowa-specific version of Did You Know?, premiering at the School Administrators of Iowa Conference yesterday. Even though it's somewhat Iowa-centric, I still think it is very useful as a conversation starter in your district, wherever that might be.

Nice job Scott, XPLANE and Iowa. Join the conversation at (and, of course, at the Shift Happens wiki).


  1. Nice work, with an interesting angle on subject matter for the conversation starter that suits our current reality. Karl, do you know what prompted the focus on Iowa?

  2. Herb - Scott was at the University of Iowa (now University of Kentucky) and was working with the folks in Iowa to further the conversation.

  3. I'm a U. Iowa Ph.D./J.D. grad BUT I was an Iowa State University faculty member when we made this (which we did as part of a larger visibility initiative aimed at getting your average Iowan to WAKE UP to the shifts that we need!).

  4. This video is very intersting. I agree that all of the things mentioned can be great conversation starters. The statistics are mind blowing. My family is part of the 25% living in a house with only cell phones. This video made me think about a lot of things. The world of technology is growing very qucikly.
    I will post a summary of my comments on my blog by 9/11.

  5. One jaw dropping stat after another.