Friday, June 17, 2011

Transparent Algebra: Take Two

While I attempted to blog my way through my first year back in the Algebra classroom, I ended up not being able to keep up with it. So, as I'll be teaching one section of Algebra again next year, let's try take two:
What I'm going to try to do (at least for a while, we'll see how it goes) is begin to blog about my plans for next year. This summer I'm going back over my lessons from last year and trying to figure out where I should tweak a lesson, where I should do a major overhaul of a lesson, and where I need to come up with a completely different lesson. I hope that by sharing that process here that some of you will help me become a much better teacher (my students thank you in advance).
So far I have Day 1 and Day 2 up, I would appreciate any feedback you'd be willing to share. Hopefully with the extra time that summer affords I will be able to keep up with this a little better and then we'll see what happens once school begins. My goal is to blog about my plans for each day of the year in advance (although it will likely not be much in advance once school starts up). So, if you're interested, head on over to Transparent Algebra and follow along.


  1. Karl,

    I am teaching Algebra again next year [first time in a couple of years]. I love how you approached last year and this coming year. Would you be interested in collaborating as classes? By this I mean Skype type collaboration...Algebra Pen Pals of sorts.

    Just a thought.

    Jeff @TeacherThink

  2. Hi I am a student at The University of South Alabama and I am taking Dr. Strange's class EDM310. I like the idea that you have of creating a blog for your Algebra class. I hope you receive the feedback you are looking for and that the blog becomes a useful tool for you. I visited your "Transparent Algebra: Take Two" blog and was excited to see that even in an algebra class you are having students use the internet. Dr. Strange's class is all about how technology can and should be used in the classroom and we are required to blog all our assignments. You having your students create a blog for an algebra class shows me that technology is important in all areas of study and should be incorporated into every classroom. Good luck with your class in the fall.

    Krissy Mennicucci