Thursday, September 24, 2009

Parents, We Would Love Your Input . . .

Michele Davis had a great post on her ninth grade blog the other day. It was for her students, but she didn't ask them to comment. Instead, she asked their parents to.
Parents, one of our focuses this semester is writing persuasively. We start with an effective paragraph with strong topic sentences and move to a multi-paragraph persuasive essay, literary analysis essay, narrative writing, poetry, summaries, and online writing.

We would love your input on how writing is important in your line of work.
Some good, thoughtful comments from the parents on the importance of good writing, and a great way to get parents engaged with the work their students are doing at school.


  1. Hi Karl, hope all is well?

    What an excellent idea for engaging parents with their student work while also providing students with real World examples.

    With I had thought of that one -- especially for areas like maths where students don't always appreciate how important it can be for work.

  2. Thank you for the great idea. I think that asking parents to comment on a post is so important on many levels, foremost as an easy, efficient means to prompt dialogue— as well as to ensure needed involvement. Plus, if you're a parent and clueless about blogs & social media, then how are you really going to connect with children who "live" in virtual worlds and networks as a huge part of their lives.

    Thank You,