Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weather Channel Environmental Essay Contest

I get a lot of email. Even before this blog and that darned Presentation That Shall Not Be Named, I got a lot of email because I'm the technology guy at a large high school with over 2,100 students and about 165 staff members. Email is a natural way for most of those folks to get a hold of me when they need some help. Then when you throw in the email generated by this blog and that presentation, well, I get a lot of email.

I've also been getting quite a few email requests to post certain things on the blog, or offers of advertising, or press releases from various organizations (particularly political organizations trying to influence education policy). For the most part, I ignore all those, because it's hard for me to figure out when I might be crossing a line. (As an aside, I'd be curious about how other education bloggers deal with this - leave a comment or drop me an email.) But this one seems innocuous enough and some folks might be interested in it, so I'll pass it along.

The Weather Channel is hosting a Forecast Earth Summit, a conference for environmental experts and high school students in Washington, D.C. in December, and holding an essay contest to go along with it. From the email I received,
The Weather Channel’s Forecast Earth Summit is a conference for select future environmental leaders held in Washington D.C., December 5-7, 2008. The Weather Channel will provide free trips to D.C. for 20 high school students who are passionate about the environment. Share this widget to let them know about this opportunity while raising daily environmental awareness.
Here's some info on last year's summit in case anyone is interested in finding out more. Here's what that widget looks like:

AHS students, I expect at least one of you to be selected . . .

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  1. Karl, I'm sure I don't get the kind of e-mail you do, but the number of requests to share information with readers or offers to advertise (and even one offer to guest blog) have crossed my desk, and I ignore the vast majority of them. I think that's probably the best thing to do. However, this contest does look cool. So, I guess the lesson is that you post if, and only if, you really do think it is something your readers would be interested in. Otherwise, don't feel obligated.