Tuesday, August 26, 2008

By The Numbers: New York Times Visual Op-Ed Columnist

Charles Blow is the New York Times "visual" Op-Ed columnist. His column appears every other Saturday and he often includes visual representations to help him try to make his point. I find it very interesting that the New York Times has an Op-Ed columnist who focuses on statistics and visual representations, not just text, to try to communicate. I think it's another indication of the power of visuals - often, but not always, in conjunction with text - and the changing nature of both communication and literacy in the 21st century. It's also another example of the transformation of "traditional" newspapers and how they deliver content in a technological age.

He's also just started a blog, called By The Numbers, where he intends to discuss "all things statistical - from the environment to entertainment - and their visual expressions." Like many blogs, it appears to be designed to be more immediate and more interactive than a traditional New York Times column, and will definitely focus on the visual as much as the textual.

[Warning: Shameless self-promotion alert.]

Now, I don't know yet if this is going to be a blog that I'll stay subscribed to, or how well he'll make the transition from columnist to blogger. But one thing's for certain, he has excellent taste in videos.

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  1. Here's a "shameless plug" for a fledgling project across the prairie in Missouri.


    This blog (the Fischbowl), and especially the presentation mentioned in this article were fuel for the start of our fire. So your shameless plug in a small way helped to lead to ours.

    Have you yet attempted to keep track of the "fires" you have helped to start?

    That might be an interesting list.