Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jose Has Some Questions

Jose is a ninth grader in one of Anne Smith's classes participating in the A Whole New Mind project. He's looking for some input regarding outsourcing, automation and abundance, so he decided to create a survey.

While I do have some questions about his questions - some are a little unclear to me - I thought that this was an excellent approach to gathering some data to help inform his thinking. Feel free to take the survey or leave a comment asking questions about his survey.


  1. Good for you, Jose, for pursuing your own learning. I was unsure about how to fill in the grid with the stars. Maybe make this direction more clear. Hope the input is helpful and good luck in your academic pursuits!

  2. Hello, Jose. What a wonderful use of technology to inform your learning! I think I'll use it as well. I did take your survey even though I was a bit confused. But, I did leave a longer comment in number 1 to provide further information. I hope you share your results with the world! Looking forward to seeing your work.