Saturday, December 01, 2007

More This I Believe Podcasts

Anne's ninth graders have posted their This I Believe podcasts (links to the text are below the Odeo player) - Period 2 and Period 5. As always, constructive comments are welcome.

If you want to hear more, visit last year's post.


  1. Out of anything else on the Internet, this is one site that I refer to the most. I am always looking to further enhance the use of technology in my teaching. This blog really opens my eyes to what can be done. Great job, keep it up.
    Richard Roberts
    Grade 6 Teacher
    Grosvenor School
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  2. @Richard - I'm glad you're finding useful stuff here. If you get a chance, it would be great if you would leave some feedback for the students about their podcasts on Anne's blog.