Friday, November 16, 2007

LPS Community Conversations Blog

Shift does happen. Dan Maas, my CIO, started blogging about a year ago. Now my district has launched an LPS Community Conversations Blog:
The LPS Community Conversations Blog, which can be accessed on the home page of the district website, provides yet another way for LPS key decision makers to hear from students, parents, employees, and community members. Periodically, a new topic will be posted, and fellow bloggers are invited to share their thoughts and converse with one another on that topic.
When you go there, they are careful to list some disclaimers, which is probably pretty smart:
This blog is dedicated to community conversations about important issues in education. Please feel free to leave your comments. The postings found on this site will be in the form of questions to the community and do not represent a position statement by the district. Similarly, comments left by members of the community also do not necessarily reflect any positions of the district. Further, LPS reserves the right to remove comments that are inconsistent with Colorado law or district policy. LPS may disable this blog in the future.
The first post is about high school graduation requirements – it will be interesting to see how many comments they get.

I still have lots of questions about how best to build community – I think we are simply too large and too much a part of the greater Denver metro area to do that effectively – but I certainly applaud my district for using technology to solicit additional community input.

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  1. Thanks, Karl. Shared this with my principal, who is in turn, sharing it with our superintendents.