Saturday, April 14, 2007

Welcome NSBA Conference Attendees

Apparently Did You Know/Shift Happens was shown today at the opening session of the National School Boards Association Conference in San Francisco. From the Board Buzz blog for the conference,
There was the usual opening, inspiring talk by Anne Bryant, and phenomenal performance by the Skyelight Jazz Band, but the "buzz" was the video Anne showed "Shift Happens" by a person in Littleton,CO. No, I didn't write it down but I bet it's on the website? FW de Klerk's [more info on de Klerk here and here - links added by KF] talk about Global Leadership (effective change management) was better than I expected. He referenced the video more than once.
Update 4-15-07: Another post on de Klerk's speech and Did You Know/Shift Happens here.

For any folks that are coming to this blog for the first time due to this - welcome, and I invite you to join the conversation here on The Fischbowl. You might want to check out the About This Blog post or this post for more info about the purpose of this blog, as well as the following links for more background information on the “Shift Happens” presentation:
  • You can find the original Did You Know/Shift Happens presentation, the sources, and the original context at this post.

  • You can find Scott McLeod's version (that removes my school-specific slides and improves the look) here on Scott's blog (this is most likely the version that was shown).

  • I recently posted a follow-up that will give you some more information about how the presentation has spread around the world, as well as some thoughts about what I’d do differently.

  • And we are working on creating a “new and improved” version that you can read about here and here.

  • You might also be interested in two other presentations: What If? and 2020 Vision.
For regular readers of The Fischbowl, could this be part of What’s Next?

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  1. Karl,
    Add 13,000 viewers to your tally of "how many people have seen Did You Know?" I was in the audience of school board, superintendents, etc. from across the United States and Canada. As soon as the big screens went to that "start of a video blue" color - I knew it was going to be Did You Know? since I've seen it and shared it with many. It gave me goose bumps to be in the audience as it was projected on two huge, stadium event screens! Almost like a rock star. They did change the music - your choice was WAY better, must be a little ol' copyright issue or something.

    The audience was hushed - doesn't happen too often with a group of 13,000. Audible gasps at some screens - lots of applause at the end.

    And - at the end, they even listed you as the author and a website! How cool is that!

    I'm thrilled I was in the audience! Thanks Karl for sharing your visions, thoughts and worries. Renee