Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcome CEA Delegates

I had the opportunity to speak briefly today as part of a presentation on 21st century learning at the Colorado Education Association's Delegate Assembly. Dan Morris presented on 21st century skills and asked me to introduce the Did You Know/Shift Happens presentation. I very briefly (note to my staff - really, I was very brief!) presented the background on the creation and spread of the presentation, and then encouraged the delegates to be part of the conversation (which was the purpose of Dan's presentation).

For any CEA folks that are coming to this blog for the first time due to this - welcome, and I invite you to join the conversation here on The Fischbowl. You might want to check out the About This Blog post or this post for more info about the purpose of this blog, as well as the following links for more background information on the “Shift Happens” presentation:
  • You can find the original Did You Know/Shift Happens presentation, the sources, and the original context at this post.

  • You can find Scott McLeod's version (that removes my school-specific slides and improves the look) here on Scott's blog.

  • I recently posted a follow-up that will give you some more information about how the presentation has spread around the world, as well as some thoughts about what I’d do differently.

  • And we are working on creating a “new and improved” version that you can read about here and here.

  • You might also be interested in two other presentations: What If? and 2020 Vision.
I hope you found the presentation thought-provoking and will continue - or start - the conversation in your own districts.


  1. Thanks for the presentation!

  2. I attended your presentation at the CEA delegates assembly - nice job! I have since seen your presentation three other times from three completely different organizations.
    I tried to contact you through this website but the e-mail address that came up did not work so I sent an e-mail to your Arapahoe HS account.
    I brought up your presentation at a CAEA (Colorado Art Education Association)conference planning and we wanted to see if you would be available to do some presentation at our fall conference. The conference is in Pueblo from October 4th - 7th.