Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What Will You Publish?

Both Will Richardson and Christian Long included this picture in a post, but I wanted to pass it along to my staff as well. (This is the version from Will's blog, so I'm assuming he gets the photo credit.)

I'm thinking of asking Tracy (our librarian) for some shelf space, and creating a "virtual" shelf somehow on our school website to highlight some of the digital works that our students are doing (since for some reason everybody doesn't read The Fischbowl).


  1. Karl,

    Glad to hear someone else was planning to "borrow" that idea, because I'd like to borrow it too!

  2. Will definitely gets the credit for sparking the idea (which led to Chris making the on-the-fly print out) and for this specific photo. I took my own shot -- which went on my blog -- but that wouldn't have happened without Will asking the million dollar question based on some great back-n-forth with several of us in the audience. Love that you're already taking it to the next level, Karl!