Friday, October 06, 2006

Report Card from 2018

Wired magazine runs a feature called Found: Artifacts from the Future. Here's a report card from the George Lucas Arts Magnet High School in 2018 (click on the image to zoom in and be able to read it). (Via Clarence Fisher).

I think this is interesting for two reasons. First, it should get us thinking once again about what the future may hold for our students. Second, I think this is an excellent idea for an assignment in a variety of classes (Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Art, . . . ) - create an artifact from the future about [fill in your topic].


  1. I like it. We're about to start our study of genetics and this has some definite possibilities...something about where we've gone with ethics, biotechnology, cloning...

  2. I agree, Cara. Let me know what you do, so I don't replicate it. I would like to create something like this for Brave New World second semester where we, too, look at clones.