Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Michigan Requires Online Courses to Graduate from High School

When I posted previously, Michigan was only considering this. They have now approved it.
Michigan became the first state in the nation to have students experience some form of online instruction before receiving a diploma when the state legislature on March 30 approved a bill to ratchet up the state's graduation requirements.
I think Michigan is likely to be the first of many states to pass something like this. As I said previously, I don't really like "mandates" like this - I think it's a tough argument to make that this is necessary for every student to have in order to graduate. But, I do think online courses (or pieces of courses being online) are going to be more and more prevalant as the bandwidth, hardware, software and online course design/implementations improve tremendously over the next few years.

So, forget private and charter schools, this is going to be your competition. How do you think you'll compare?

Listen to the podcast.


  1. I think that we are going the right direction. With the proper training/tools and site-based help I think that this could be a really effective means of education. As far as the requirement, I agree with Karl. I am not sure that it is necessary for the state to mandate this. I do think that with things like NCLB there will be an increase in state involovement in graduation requirements. I would like to see ways that this could be used to get students to "audit" a class or find additional help for classes where they struggle. I would like to think that this group of teachers, at AHS, whould look into hwo we could use this before it becomes a state mandate.

  2. Gosh, I wonder if we could tap into it for extra moolah! I think it would be so interesting to try. I agree that it's pretty harsh to mandate it, but I think that for kids that need to work, wanted to take a course, but didn't have time in their school schedule, it would be a viable option. Plus, colleges offer so many online courses, it is essential if you are college bound.

  3. I don't think that it should be a state mandate. I did not take any online courses because they usually offered a classroom course as another option. I think that it should be an option for high school students but I don't know if it essential to have an entire course. I think that parts of a course can be done online and still accomplish the goal of preparing students of those classes.