Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Thought Provoking 8 Minutes

If you've got 8 minutes, I think this is worth your time.


  1. Interesting! A student alerted me that this was on the Fischbowl. (It is sort of cool / strange that students are visiting the Fischbowl and taking an interest in the topics that we discuss as professional teachers.)

  2. This is the kind of piece that I immediately want everyone to see. It reminds me of trying to convince my students in my first year of teaching that there's something about reading a book online that will never compare to opening an old book in a library or a new book in a bookstore, that convenience has nothing to do with meaning. It reminds me also of my fiance's paranoia about companies personalizing your information and where this might lead us as a society. The production itself was interesting as well; it refused to give in to colors or pictorial images, offering us only floating white titles against a black screen. What "EPIC" society would look like is left up to us--while watching, we imagine ourselves in this picture and perhaps realize that we're already there.

  3. I just finished watching the video and reading the comments that Kristin's students posted on her blog. I haven't exactly processed it all, so I'll just say wow to both the movie and the students' comments for now.