Monday, March 13, 2006

Preparing Our Students for the 21st Century

This is not an original idea - many other folks have written about it - but I still think it’s a good one to reflect on this week. We talk an awful lot about preparing our students for the 21st Century; for the information age; to be successful in a globally competitive, fast paced, ever changing world. Our students typically have access to fairly new computers, excellent software, and all the resources of the Internet.

So why in the world do students have to use pencils to complete the writing portion of the CSAP? We are testing to see if our students are prepared for the 21st Century by seeing how well they write with a pencil?

Now, about the math portion of the CSAP . . .

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  1. In addition, our fear of sharing AND comparing in the form of cheating requires us to take some of their other "normal" tools away from them. Since I purchased my Palm Pilot, I haven't used a traditional calculator for anything. Not that I want a room of texting thru cell phones, but if we can motivate them to use them appropriately, there are some interesting and positive usues ofor their toys!