Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Should we publicize our class blogs?

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There has been several comments placed on our blogs over the last several days that basically say "you are changing education. You are changing what it means to be educated." Strong words and probably unwarranted, but my kids beamed yesterday when I read these to them. Several kids had tears in their eyes (as I did too!). They are seeing themselves as role models for other kids and teachers who want to try this out.

got me thinking - at some point should we publicize our class blogs to the AHS community? Right now the kids know how to get to them - and maybe some of them tell their parents, but should we put links on the AHS web site? In the Weekly Warrior? An article in the Drumbeat? I'd be curious what those of you who are already blogging with your classes think. Some of it also depends on how you setup your class blogs for comments. If you set it to any registered user, then parents could comment. If you set it to only members of the blog and then invited your students to join, then parents could only view it.

Your thoughts?


  1. I don't know what this might mean for us. I think I like it but I would need to look at some of our blogs that are in operation currently and , with our team, discuss the implications of doing this. I think it would be a good discussion as well as a vehicle for loking at what some people are doing with them.


  2. We should definitely publicize the blogs. One point of blogs is to help link students to the wider world. I had a former student email me and ask if he could post on my class blog. I said YES!!! The more viewpoints on the issues, the better. The students will feel empowered when they see that their audience is the entire world. Of course, I would add that we need to be ready for potential backlash from those who might latch onto one comment on one blog and attempt to ban them entirely for all AHS students. I think that if we as a group are ready to explain their value, this potential issue can be dealt with appropriately.

  3. The one Jan set up (the Bookshelf) is already on the website, right? I would like parents to see what the kids are writing for their EWL editorials. They are well-written and offer good advice to future seniors. I know others class blogs also are having success and wouldn't mind having students' parents see these as well. I think, if a teacher doesn't mind putting a link on the AHS site, then go for it.

  4. I think it is a great idea for parents to see what their kids are actually thinking about in class. I am up for the challenge as long as we talk to the parents about the role we might want them to have regarding the blog. Do we want them to be able to comment or just to view? This would be an interesting discussion to have with the students in classes where we are already blogging.