Saturday, July 01, 2006

TED Talks

David Pogue posts about the TED Conference:
It’s four days of talks, each no longer than 18 minutes. The speakers are either famous, pioneers in their industries or just fascinating people–and often all three…They addressed climate crisis, the depletion of fossil fuels, African AIDS, third-world poverty, human-rights violations, the spiral of West-Islamic global hatred, lethal viruses, and other cheery subjects…The organizer of TED makes no bones about the fact that he wants this astonishing network of speakers and audience members to throw their expertise, brainpower and connections behind efforts to address the world’s problems.
The conference took place back in February, but they are starting to post videos online now. I've been unable to get the link to work - I'm wondering if their servers are overloaded - but I was able to download them in iTunes. Simply open iTunes, go to the podcast section of the iTunes store and do a search for TED (or, alternatively, subscribe manually to the feed by choosing the Advanced menu, then Subscribe to Podcast, then paste in the feed:

There are currently only six available, from Pogue (software design), Al Gore (global warming), Tony Robbins (unlocking your potential), Hans Rosling (on government policy in the developing world), Majora Carter (environmental justice and the South Bronx), and Ken Robinson (overhauling the educational system). Full disclosure - I haven't watched these yet. I'm saving them for the plane ride to NECC - what better way to break in that iPod you guys got for me! But they - and hopefully the ones to follow - are sure to be thought provoking. While they all are not education specific, I think that most of them will be of interest and will most likely relate to our classrooms.

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